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National Conference 2017 – Speakers

We represent to you the speakers of National Conference 2017!


  1. Igor Perić – Special Adviser to the head of Finance Sector in the field of International relations, EU integration & EU funds, in charge of planning, writing strategic papers, budgeting, etc. at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Republic of Serbia; Member at Lions Clubs International; National President of JCI Serbia 2010.Mina-Janjic_MG_4115
  2. Mina Janjić – Director of Finance and Administration at Intermed Solutions, CFO Association of Serbia; Medifarm AD, CFO (2010-2014); Focus Invest, CFO (2007-2014); Delta Broker (Delta Holding) (2005-2007)AAEAAQAAAAAAAAvzAAAAJDc4YjQwMjU1LTBhMWEtNGI4Ny1iZjI4LTAwY2VhZTA3Yjg1Zg
  3. Martin Hauri – Area manager/sales manager at EME AG Interconnection & Motion; JCI Academy Global Networker, International relations, and leadership; National President JCI Switzerland 2016.



Stay tuned for more! JCI NIS Logo izmenjen za natco 2017


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