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Three days of JCI Serbia National Conference 2017

Day One – 29th September

The traditional annual JCI gathering – National Conference started on 29th September this year in Nis. We hosted the guests from the local chapters of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin as well as the foreign guests from Switzerland and Germany.

Having settled in the hotel or at their host’s places, there was a National Night organized where our guests, who had previously travelled a long way, had an opportunity to refresh, relax and enjoy the ethno ambience of a traditional restaurant in Nis, accompanied by great traditional food and music.

We would like to thank Andjelija Djordjevic who made the evening better by demonstrating an old Serbian tradition of welcoming guests.

Photo memories of this evening were provided by Stefan Jovanovic to whom we would also like to thank.



Day Two – 30th September

The working part of the National Conference started with the lecture delivered by a JCI senator Dejan Jocic who spoke of two topics:

  1. “My business, my thing” and
  2. “The possibility of entrepreneurship in ecology”

Both presentations were supported by a lot of personal examples from experience that Dejan shared with us in an honest and open way. By putting an entrepreneur in the context of ecology and Serbia, our reality and bureaucracy, Dejan Jocic delivered a lecture about our reality and gave us real examples and advice on how and why to become your own boss, but also why we should be interested in ecology. This past local president of JCI Nis and national president of JCI Serbia spiced it all up with humour in spite of the early morning.

Our second lecturer was Mina Janjic. Her lecture was named “Digitalization in Business” and was about different levels of business digitalization, from simple programmes that can make work easier, more complex systems that do the work on their own to the robots that not only possess endless information, but also possess great empathy and huge recognition of human emotions and moods. The part of the lecture about artificial intelligence was a good introduction into the discussion about chips, robots and a future that has already arrived without our being aware of it. The participants questioned the ethics in the field of robotics and making super-smart machines whereas the lecture was closed by a short discussion about cryptocurrency observed from the economic and IT point of view.


After the short break there were JCI trainings. The first one was held by Christian Ingold, our guest from Switzerland and the topic was “Trainings in JCI”. The other one was held by Martin Hauri, also from Switzerland, who spoke of communication in JCI. Both trainings were based on the experience of JCI Switzerland. We would like to thank all the lecturers for deciding to share their experience and for providing a productive day full of interesting and useful new tips. We sincerely hope that we will have an opportunity to listen to you again!

JCI (2017) 102

At the assembly that was held on the same day, the members of the national board of JCI Serbia voted and chose: the best local chapter, the best local president, the best project and the best young member of JCI Serbia 2017.

Only two hours later we gathered again, dressed in our evening attire, at the traditional Gala Night.

The presenters presented some of the best projects of JCI Nis accompanied by short video presentations. After that, the members of the traditional national dance club “Oro” took the stage and caused very emotional reactions by their youth, beauty and dancing skill.

Our local president Ignjat Spasic opened the Gala Night and welcomed everyone wishing them a pleasant evening whereas the future national president Milan Veljkovic handed the letters of thanks to the very best:


The best project is JCI Summit – organized by JCI Belgrade

The best local president of the year is Danijela Medic – the president of JCI Novi Sad

The best local chapter of the year is once again JCI Nis!

The best young member of the year is Drazen Stankovic from JCI Belgrade.


Our honorary guest Danielle Cesarov traditionally delivered the present to the best young member in the name of the Cesarov Family – a grant worth 500e to visit the European JCI Conference 2018 in Latvia.

The Gala Night will be remembered for great fun and different kinds of music and dance as well as the birthday cake that was brought out right after midnight to celebrate a ten-year anniversary of JCI Nis.



Day Three – 1st October

Our guests will remember the third day of NatCon 2017 for various events. While some of them decided to explore Stara Planina, some of them enjoyed their coffee and slowly prepared to go home, some visited the IT company HTEC from Nis. You can see how it went by in the photos once again provided by great Stefan Jovanovic.


You can see more photos here.

We would like to thank everyone who helped the organization of NatCon 2017 as well as all the participants for their enthusiasm and good mood that they shared with us! We have created some great new memories together!

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